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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Animals, School of fish, Jez Eden

I'm having great problems with my internet connection.  I've had no connection for several days, and before that it kept going on the blink temporarily.  The problem is not actually with the internet, but because my telephone has been out of order for days, and BT told me they "hope to have it fixed by the end of 15th May"! 

They even added insult to injury by giving me an internet site on which I could check the progress of the problem.  Trying to find a PERSON to talk to is almost impossible.  Everything is automated and every time I try to find a person to complain to they refer me to the same number that is impossible because it is automated.  Hardly good service.  No internet, no email, no anything.

So it seems I will be absent from PPP&P until then, and I apologise for not commenting on all the lovely work I can see by scrolling through.  My daughter has kindly let me visit and use her wireless connection, but I have no time to comment.

Here's my post with what is probably my last 'animals' painting.  See you soon, I hope.


  1. Hope you get connected soon !
    Love your fishies!
    Have a nice day!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Jez, that technical issue is such a BUMMER! We are so dependent on it and how dare they not fix it NOW!!! I do hope it clears up soon.
    Your fish going around in circles is PERFECT for the situation too. They are so colorful and cute. Love the story line as well. You and I were both aquatic today! Hugs, and here's hoping we see you sooner than later!!!! xoxo

  3. Jez, sorry that you have computer problems. It is not fun. Hope you get help soon!

  4. LOL, this is so cute and funny! I hope you get your phone and internet working soon. It sounds a lot like dealing with AT&T! I feel your pain!

  5. Sorry about your internet, Jez. That can be so frustrating when you go round and round and can't get a real person to speak to. I hope it is resolved. At least you are leaving us with quite a few creatures that you've drawn. I love the school of fish with the colors and patterns. I hope we see you back here soon.

  6. Cute little drawing/cartoon. I so agree with the lack of peronal service these days. Sorry you are having problems. Time to collect lots of sketches and drawings.

  7. Thank you everybody for your comments and your sympathy. We have lift-off as just a few minutes ago. I hope to get around to commenting on all the great work you have done in posts above this - it's something I love to do.


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