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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

House work Day Busy, Busy Carol Ann

 I am beat my house work ended up Spring cleaning more in other rooms. Then I really wanted not  too  but it is something us women seem to do once we get started. My hubby did my whole wash and I was so thankful.  He is a keeper. 

I drew it all  light  then this my work journal for Tuesday but spent all ways to get it this dark or it would be no picture. I finally scanned it and played around with the color contrast. I used pencil.This is my part of a day journal as I found it difficult to get me up on a chair of book case. So lower right is the best I could do.It is 9. P.M   as I enter this.

Carol Ann  


  1. I am tired too looking at all your sketches of Spring cleaning! Cute sketches. Glad your husband is so helpful.

  2. You were one busy cookie, I've no idea how you had the strength to draw all this after that much house cleaning. I am impressed.

  3. Oh my goodness Carol Ann, you have been busy!! Puts me to shame :( I really should pick up a duster. (although they do say if you leave dust it won't get thicker than 1" lol)....I've been trying that theory for a long doesn't work, just looks like a need to do some housework, lol.

  4. Your sketch tell the whole story of the cleaning work! You have really been busy!

  5. I think you have created a very good montage of your day that says 'busy busy' and gives a good impression of your tiring. No wonder you are worn out - but then you were able to draw this. Very clever Carol and nicely drawn.

  6. You were very busy. Great how all the images fit together.


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