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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Daily Life-ordinary things-Linda Kunsman

 and this is one of the composition books I use for lettering practice.

Edited in: Since some of you asked about the pages inside I hope it's OK here are two links to posts with lettering pages:

Thank you for the comments!


  1. Pretty book it makes me want to see some of the lettering inside.

  2. Very cute painting! When I saw the thumbnail of this on my blog list I thought, "Is that real?" See, fooled me! :) I'm curious about your lettering practice, too!

  3. Very nice Linda. I have been Spring cleaning since 8.30 and hubby helping as well. He did the wash all for me. So having break to comment you Linda .

    oh I have a book in my shelf like this only mine is black covering so you made yours so pretty and I want a peek inside too.

  4. Cool! Really nice drawing/painting of your com. book. I want to practice lettering more too. I even have special pens for it. For now I do the best I can in my art journals around my drawings. This is a good idea to have a special book just for LETTERING!

  5. Bonsoir,

    Un livret précieux... Joli dessin.

    Gros bisous ♡

  6. I like your idea of a special book for lettering. Took a look at your Links, love your pages there.

  7. Lovely cover. Lettering practice is something I should do too. I like the idea of special books for special purposes too.

  8. Love the pink marble notebook. Your pages of writing samples are great!

  9. Great work in your lettering book! Thanks for sharing!


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