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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Every Day Things Daily Life Carol Ann

Today we seen Mrs bunny on the lane sitting.  Neighbor over next property has a huge garden every year.  So I guess she was casing the area where to run too.  

Neighbors they grow an acre or so  to   donate to families who do not have veggie gardens  lack of living in apt's.  I thought that was very neighborly. Last year they sent us over a basket of tomatoes and cucumbers.  Dropped it at our door. They are new people who have moved in the area last year which this year will be second  year. They apparently are very involved in things like fruit markets in other towns  I hear  so have not met them yet so had to leave a Thank you note at there door.  My timing and  there is never the same.

Every one's criteria   is the rabbits.  They love lettuces and carrots from  gardens.

Now can this saucy little  lady Jane  make you annoid.    She is  sort of cutie chomping  to the bit on left side of her cheeks.  

I guess if it goes beyond more  carrot's  then she will have the  farmers dogs chasing   her off. 

Anyway here is my Lady Jane sketch for Saturday


  1. cute bunny. It's the deer that eat my plants.

  2. Cute bunny...but I'm sure the farmers don't want her around.


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