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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Daily Life, Waiting by Joan Tavolott

I am participating in the EDM 2014 and our subject to sketch today was a cat. 
Whenever I visit my friend, Susan, I also visit her cat Mocha. Lately Mocha has been acting strange and Susan is afraid something is physically wrong. I'm sure they will be visiting the vet if she doesn't improve. She has lost a lot of weight and mostly she sleeps or sits waiting by her food bowl. That's how I sketched her today. She takes a few bits and goes back inside and sleeps. She doesn't walk around or climb up into my lap or Susan's. She is definitely not herself.
So today I'm calling this sketch waiting...Mocha is waiting and Susan is waiting to see how she will be. I should have taken a photo before I put the decorative box and writing around this but I forgot.


  1. Thanks Carol Ann!

    The poor cat is headed to the animal hospital tonight. She was worse today and very weak. My friend is afraid she is really sick.


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