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Monday, May 26, 2014

Daily Life, Two Blessings, Jez Eden

These two sketches were drawn today (the previous post of the cake was sketched a week ago before the pain started).

Gloria will know who one of my most admired artists is!  And it is Frida who is inspiring me to draw through the pain.  If you don't know her story you should look her up, and if possible see the DVD 'Frida'.

So, we as artists are lucky to have art to help take us into another zone and help mask pain.  I'm so happy to have managed these two sketches of two things in life that are blessings.

Coloured Pencils - Jez
Every morning, as soon as I get out of bed the first thing I always do is look at the sky.  I would not like to live in a country that did not have ever-changing cloud formations.

Today, up at 5.30 and Dev had me sitting in my straight-backed armchair by 6 am ready for first pills of the day.  My sky today was this unusual cloud formation.  One hour later the sky was completely blue.

Having cut the dose of Diazapam I am able to keep awake longer, and managed another quick sketch.

Coloured Pencil - Jez

Last week Dev bought me a huge bunch of carnations.  Being busy putting away the shopping he chopped some of the stems and bunged them in a bucket until he could put them in vases.  Two days later he was still so busy looking after me (and at 81 that's not easy) that they were still there in the kitchen.  I asked for the bucket full of flowers to be brought into the living room as they were and put on the floor where I could see them.  And that is how I have been enjoying them.

Have managed to stay up all morning, but pain and tiredness will send me back to bed as soon as my dear love has brought lunch in.

Thank you all for your good wishes, they mean a lot and help give me determination to get over this.


  1. Here's thinking of you through your pain at the moment Jez and hoping you feel better very soon. Love both your pieces here. Those clouds in the first and oh those lovely carnations. You've captured them perfectly.

  2. I'm so glad Dev is taking such good care of you! It is wonderful that when you have a few minutes you let your art transport you to a pleasant place. Best wishes for the best for you!

  3. Jez, these are both beautiful. You are a wiz with those colored pencils! I too look at the sky. Yours looks fantastic. I am glad Dev is looking after you. What a guy :)

  4. Oh sweetie Jez I send my love and I will keep you in my prayers. You have a keeper of a man Dev in your life like I do with my Sid.
    It seems we have each other as God gave us. My man has a clean record from his pre-cancer and now he is looking after me. I am due for some tests in July.

    That is wonderful that someone God sent into your life as a friend keeper Freda. To encourage you to keep going.

    Oh your sketching is breathtaking Jez. .

    Carol Ann

  5. Dear Jez, I so admire you for the tenacity to push through your pain by continuing to sketch such lovely illustrations. I was lucky to see a Frida exhibit a few years ago and then read more about her. I thought the movie was very moving. Hugs and prayers, Linda

  6. These are both lovely drawings Jez, the details in the cloudy sky and the details of the petals of the carnations are exciting to see.
    Thank heavens for Dev being able to be at your beck and call as needed! Again hoping for healing and being free of pain as soon as possible. Using Frida as a role model right now is perfect!

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you all.

  8. Love your sketch of the sky, Jez! Both are very nice sketches.


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