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Monday, May 26, 2014

sat on the shore of Wascana lake yesterday morning waiting for my walking friends


  1. Bonnie, very nice sketch of the lake. I like the activity of the boat joing under the bridge. You used your time wisely while you waited. Did you intentionally get there early so you could sketch?

  2. What a lovely scene. For some reason it reminds me of a little lake in Golden Gate Park, in SF. I love the little boat rowing under the bridge.

  3. oh this is really magical scene so pretty and the bridge. . Something we all did when we were young row. Enjoying the moments of the land and water about us.

  4. Such a lovely scene, I can feel myself floating in that boat! Idyllic.

  5. What a great sketch en plein air. Really like how you captured those reflections.

    Bonnie, would you like me to put a Title in for you, I see you miss this off. I have popped by occasionally and added bits like that for those Contributors who forget to do it, but generally we prefer folks to add Title and Labels themselves. (I help a little with a bit of Admin. here for Lynn). Labels are useful too......I'm happy to do that for you on this occasion - Labels are so useful because they help folks go to our individual Posts with ease and we can also refer back to them ourselves. Let me know Bonnie .....cheers ann.


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