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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Daily Life, Sketching with the NYC Urban Sketchers

Today I went to meet the NYC Urban Sketchers in Manhattan. We sketched on the walkway of the 59th Street Bridge (aka the Queensboro Bridge) which connects the boroughs of Queens and Manhattan. I did 5 sketches but am only posting one here of the bridge, the bikers, and the walker.


  1. oh wow Joan, that's really cool. I feel like I am there.

  2. Joan, the swing of the huge cable, the scope of this, the movement and placement of the people below…fantastic.

  3. Nice to see urban sketching Joan. Great painting.

  4. Wow is the right word. The geometry and scale you encompass withis lovely sketch is amazing.

  5. Incredible Sketching Joan for sure a Wow factor like Jez said.

  6. Wow! What a view. The perspective is terrific Joan! Awesome.


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