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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Daily Life, Relaxing at the Beach by Joan Tavolott

I headed over to the beach today to just relax. It was sunny by still a bit cool, but I didn't mind.
Of course there were some people in the water, but I wouldn't dare even put my feet in yet. lol
I did some reading and then did some sketching of people nearby.

One lady was comfy just sitting on her blanket while another one was brave enough to stand by the water.

I'm not sure what the man was doing. I painted him directly in watercolors. The rest of the figures I did directly in ink.

Then I went back to my comfort zone and used my pencil for this woman.


  1. Joan, I love the teal bathing suit and how you used the same color for shadows on her skin. Skillfully done!

  2. I feel like I soak in a lot of drawing and painting information looking at your pictures, Joan. Thanks for the lessons. I hope it sticks!

  3. All lovely beach sketches. As Lynn says, I always take away from your sketches some element of learning, like the shading being the same colour as the bathing suit of the lady in the first one. Most of all I love that realistic little detail which means so much in a drawing of the way her little bottom curves give shape and depth.

  4. Great sketches Joan. You capture people really well.

  5. Thanks everyone! The beach is usually such a great place to sketch people, but they tend to move around a lot. The last woman was on her back, on her stomach, and sitting all in about a 3 minute span. lol

  6. Joan, as always I learn when I look at your drawings/paintings! I especially love the one of the woman in the swimsuit, and how the color has bled a little bit but provides such definition to the shapes.


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