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Monday, May 19, 2014

Daily Life, Planting Herbs by Joan Tavolott

Today I went out and bought herbs for my patio. I don't get very much direct sun so I'm not sure how some of them will do. I grew basil and rosemary last year and they did fine, so I planted them again as well as curly parsley and dill. Of course I made a mess and there was soil all over. lol
The pots will sit on the railing of my patio with the flower boxes filled with impatients.
All I know is the basil already smells so good!


  1. Such an inviting, "gardeny" painting! I hope you have a bumper crop!

  2. Perfect. I love the smell of growing basil. I can't seem to keep it alive in pots. What is that sparkly blue on the sides and shadow? Love it.

    1. LOL I took a photo while the shadow was still wet. That is the flash reflected in the damp paint.

  3. Joan - try mint - it likes moist conditions and doesn't mind shade. I love herbs too!

  4. I love the impressionistic feel of your watercolor. Blessings!

  5. wow herbs are one of my fave and you draw them so well! what is the glittery thing? I hope to plant some soon!

  6. Beautifully composed sketch, makes me long to plant some herbs, especially basil. I like to have some on my kitchen window sill, and the smell is so gorgeous. I hope they all do well for you.

  7. beautiful illustration! Our neighbor does the garden and planting since she knows what she's doing. Hubby and I help by tilling and caring for our shared vegetable and herb garden :)

  8. Hubby just planted my inside flowers ten minutes ago Joan. My the misquotes were thick today out there.

    Your sketch is so real like. Love it.

  9. Thanks everyone. I have more planted in pots and window boxes this year than ever before. I hope they do well.

  10. This looks so familiar to me. Just made the same job. Hopefully we will get a beautiful blooming too!


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