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Monday, May 19, 2014

Daily Life, "One Day Drawing In San Francisco with New Friends", Lynn Cohen

Not to be outdone by Joan, I thought I'd add my day last week with the Sketch School friend, Kate, and her Urban Sketchers friends we met up with at the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco to draw together. This was a very quick sketch I did on my lap at the lunch table where we ended our day together. It's not very becoming to the women there I fear, but it reminds me of the day, which was great fun.


  1. It's surprises me how sketching, people or things, always reminds me of the time and place far more than any photograph can. Love your sketch.

  2. Quick sketches like this have so much personality. It sounds like a fun day!

  3. It is great that you did a sketch of everyone together. That must have been a fun day.

  4. I love the loose sketchiness of this!

    1. Thanks Lisa. It was loose and quickly done!

  5. Great fastwork :) Espressive! I think we remember more from sketching because it's like we're actually touching the subject with our eyes as we draw, really looking and not just glancing.

  6. I love the expressiveness in this piece. Blessings!

  7. lynn i really like the blind contour like drawings you did. great work and fun!

  8. This is the kind of sketching I love to see, it has such reality. I love the continuous line drawing. It all says speed and quick observation, and as others have said reminds us in days to come of the day and the friends.


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