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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daily Life, My friend's hubby has a big tractor like this, Carol Ann

It wont be long and all Farmers will be tilling the land to Garden. Turning it over ready to seed. This is my friends tractor not sure of  all the color on it.  So many different  tools of equipment   he uses to hook on and off and they do have different colors. So for to-day I made it Tilling The Land .  Usually at this time he has started . He said it is too wet to get  the tractor in land  in  N.B. It must be alot drier.

I used colored pencils and for the brown would you believe I used a brown eye brow pencil to smudge  as I could not fine my brown pencil. I think it must of fell under the table some where. For part fence and land of tilling. 

Soon  all Farmers get the nice weather. Then  they  will have days in there  life that needs to be  a daily task. Also  they get to be  tilling  other peoples land for gardening.

I made some fallen fences to look like the fences get second best  to be fixed after he has done his land.. 

Carol Ann


  1. Great sketch of the tractor! Tilling the land is such an important happening at this time of year. I love that you used your eye brow pencil for the dirt...creative thinking!

  2. Good sketch. Tractors are hard to draw. I love this time of year when the fields aeound are neatly turned over thou now all the tiny plants are in and growing. Nice subject for the theme.

  3. using a brown eyeshadow is creative! have you found your brown color pencil yet? nice sketch of a complicated tiller. :)

  4. Yes found the original pencil it went flying way at the back near the wall and I was not going under table that day as my sciatic was giving me a bit of stiffness. Today I have rescued it. I also have large plastic containers under the table with all my art supplies so that it meant pulling that all out. So eyebrow to the rescue. I did have a picture of my friends tractor to look at but it was dad hard placing the seat and the steering wheel and the contraptions down to the big wheel. Also the blades I thought was okay to draw. Wrong. It was looking more like two paddles instead of the blade. Oh well. Do you guyes have black flies. I was going out for a walk but the black flies are really bad and the mosquitoes.

  5. Fun job on the tractor and land, Carol Ann. So bright and cheery looking.

  6. Nice work showing local life - and glad you found your "real" brown pencil. (I imagine an eyebrow pencil is much more expensive, is it not?)


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