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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Daily Life, Eating Out by Joan Tavolott

One of the great pleasures in life is dining out with family or friends. Yesterday when I was out with the NYC Urban Sketchers we went out for lunch in the middle of our day. As always we talked and sketched through most of lunch. I sketched a woman at the next table. I used my ink pen and colored it with the Crayola crayons that were on the table.


  1. how fun to sketch and eat with friends! and added: you don't feel like you are staring so much because everyone else is doing the same;) also love that you use the crayons...

  2. Joan, I love the shading you've done with these crayons. Lovely!

  3. I too like the way you have coloured with the crayons and I also like the little bit of wrought ironwork behind her.

  4. i like the texture of your crayola on the sketch. nice one joan!

  5. How fun to draw and eat with other artists! Oh yes, I did that just last week! Love your coloring here. The whole atmosphere is right there in your drawing!

  6. I love it when restaurants have crayons at the table. Especially when they gave disposable paper table cloths! I'm always the only one at our table who uses then, though. Love the sketch and that you added some of the background. Even just that much gives it a great sense of place.

  7. Amusing that you used the crayons. I love using restaurant art supplies and am always amazed at the variety on offer. It is challenging fun to use pens and crayons that I'm not used to (especially the big fat kiddy crayons!) You mastered these very well.


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