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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Daily Life, Mrs Mopp, Jez Eden

Perhaps your daily lives are like ours.  Although certain things are standard and repeated every day, we find that each day is different and never turns out as we expected.

Today was no exception, and today was a 'big decision' day.  We had decided that, although we have always fought against the idea, it was time for us to have someone to come in and do the majority of the house cleaning for us.  Today the cleaning firm's owner came to assess the flat (and us, of course) and give us a chance to assess her and what her staff could do for us.  Big decision made, so from next week we hope that life will be easier.  All rooms to be cleaned and tidied EXCEPT the studio.  No-one tidies that or we would never know what we were doing and where everything was.

Here's my sketch to illustrate today's version of our 'Daily Life', with a little doggerel verse to go with it:

Pitt Pen and Coloured Pencils - Jez

I brush, I mop, and then I clean,
Swipe away any dust that can actually be seen.

Stop for a drink, a ciggie and a rest,
I may not be good but I'm doin' me best.

When I've banished all the dust and fluff
I'm all worn out, and I think I've done enough.

Just wash the windows, there's no more time,
Say I'm finished - and they'll think it's fine.

I have to assure you that the firm we are using does NOT employ Mrs Mopp.  Now I will leave you with my usual farewell - feeling tired and rather painful so I'm off back to bed.


  1. Love the sketch of Mrs Mopp! It looks like she has all the tools for cleaning. She (or an ambitious replacement) should make things a little easier on both of you. Feel better!

  2. You've captured her both in picture and in verse! I know what you mean, some things are the same each day, but basically every day is different. Our ability to see that is part of what keeps us interested (and drawing, and singing, and and and), I think!

  3. Good for you Jez, I now picture in my mind your Mrs. Mop :-)

  4. You are such a kick with your funny takes on bits of life! I sure hope your miss mop does not come with "ciggie" unless you happen to like that smell! Delightful drawing. I wish we'd get to that point where we'd agree to let someone in to help clean our abode. Especially the shower floors. The part I hate the most!

    1. When I was working very hard at one time over 40 years ago, I tried a cleaner - but not for long. One day Carol, who was 11 at the time, came home from school and found the cleaner sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee and smoking a cigarette. Carol told her off quite firmly for smoking in our house, said I would not be happy and sacked the woman! Never any shyness about my two girls!

  5. Oh Jez a winner from I that I love it Mop Queen.


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