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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Daily Life, A Glance While Walking Into The Horizon, Carol Ann.

Sketched with Art pencil   Soft tender 28  pencil  the lady . Used  marker for the birds and her hair strands.

Used pencil color  for sun and sky. I used  a soft  powered stamp   for the beach in distance and sand where 
she stands.  The sides are to be wild looking weeds and grass with wild flowers.

The fence I did top  with  a touch of a med HB pencil on top of fence. 

A young women gazes as he walks and then stands.  Many a person longs for to be alone and think of

how blessed we are to see nature around and far away.    A daily life. Atleast for me.

This is all learning for me. Not sure if I should of colored her strands  so dark.  I tired at first to go lighter but when I brought it up to enter. It was too light. Hardly could see it. I notice of you do light sketches. How  do you put on to enter on your blog. Do you take a pic with camera or do you use the scanner to your  sketch documents?

Comments are welcomed. It helps me. 

Carol Ann


  1. I mainly take a photo with my iphone or ipad, which then goes wirelessly to my Macbook. Getting a good photo is not always easy with the weather we have in UK, but everyone is very tolerant of photos on PPP&P, it's just good to see all the sketches. I use the scanner when I have to but it is never very true to the colours.
    It's very good to see you working hard to develop your art skills - and to ask questions. I agree with you that the marker pen was not the right thing, but once we've done it we've done it. There is nothing wrong with the photo, it's not too light, just nice and soft.

  2. Don't worry about the colours Carol Ann, we just love seeing your drawings here. Keep them coming.

  3. Ann thank you. I am trying to loosen up more and just scratch sketch and not be so picky on myself and my picture . The pen I used was dark and hubby liked it when it was lightly penciled. Then when I scanned it. It was so light it looked like where is her hair. Even putting them here is a trial and error. Like Jez said. Sometimes the color changes too different I drew. So that is why I made the hair darker. Oh I love sketching. I do it in between commercial as commercials are so long. I so love everyone else' s work. It gets me to get out of my comfy zone and try all different sketches and use my imaginative ideas as what do I like or see in a daily life. I like this group of gals. Best thing I did was to join here. I think I may be getting a wee addictive. I seem to have my pencil in my hand and sketch book more. I guess if you love what you do. That is the way you keep to continue. I love to take photography so on Mothers day. I took 500 pictures with camera while hubby was driving. I evne ducked my camera in-between a space while he was driving. Then I cropped and copied and got it full size. I had so improved doing my photos. If there is a way there is that will. Maybe it is the other way around the saying. Ha-ha. Old mouth wagging me.

  4. Hi Carol. I think your piece is well done. It's almost a calming effect as the young lady is walking towards the sun and birds are flying by. I really like this. Great job.

  5. I really like the emotion of the drawing, very calm and peaceful.

  6. Carol Ann, you've captured a calm and meditative feeling with your sketch. Enjoyable to look at. Re scanning, I just use my phone these days, with an app called camscanner which helps find the corners of the paper I'm photographing. It flattens and straightens out the image and crops it too, so then so I don't have to worry about taking a perfectly straight picture.

  7. This has a nice peaceful feel to it! Nice sketch. I take photos of my sketches and upload them into the iPhoto program on my computer. That way I can crop them and adjust them if they are too light.

  8. She has a wonderful view! I photograph paintings but scan sketches. The scanner seems to pick up the lines better than the camera. If the sketch is light pencil, I sometimes need to adjust the contrast to make it show darker on screen. Whatever program you use to resize the image for the web should have a contrast adjustment. If not, the scanner software can also do it.

  9. Just the way she holds her arms and hands gives this a somber, peaceful mood! Well done.

  10. Joan I don't have a i photo program but I have other programs I do use. I don't have a iPad neither. All my kids do but I am happy as I have.

    My friends my age don't even have a computer. They would rather talk on the phone. My grown kids and family they tex as they like that better to firiends and other ones who have these gadgets. I guess I am living in the past. I do use scanner. I love my camera.


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