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Friday, May 16, 2014

Daily Life, Friday by Melisa McCurley

Here's my day, which is like most of my Friday's; lunch with the hubby at Toad Hollow (Tuna Tacos for me today) and then grocery shopping at Rouse's. Inktense pencils, which is why the avacado is neon. :)


  1. This is very good Melisa your food plate is very descriptive with color and the rest is very, very good. Hubby is really good.

  2. Hi Melissa. Wonderful food sketch and also the thoughtful thinker. Great job. I love the name of the café.

  3. Melisa, nice collection of sketches of your day!! Is the thinker thinking about what to order? Great sketch of him and the food.

    1. Nope. He ALWAYS orders the same thing. He ordered something different once and the waiter was dumbfounded!

  4. Love all the sketches, looks like a great day.

  5. Lovely sketch of your husband, you have captured the 'waiting' look, I can almost feel him thinking of tapping his fingers on the table with impatience. I like the way you have done his shirt too. All the other sketches are great, it's just a lovely double page.
    I didn't know Inktense did neon colours as well - I shall have to look out for them.

  6. Perfectly awesome journal pages!!!! Love the food shown and your husbands expression, priceless. You'd fit right in at Sketchbook Skool. You already are an avid art journalist this shows!

  7. whoa i enjoy your food melisa! one of my fave too and the portion is big! your sketches are fresh and full of life!


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