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Monday, May 19, 2014

Daily Life "Art Workstation" Elisa Choi

These are all the things I need for painting. This is my art table. The center is the watercolor block and on top of it is the hand bind sketchbook. In front of the brushes is the Ipad from my sister where it contains the photos that I used as reference for my paintings. The table is not as spacey but it is manageable and comfortable enough. :)


  1. You are a very neat and organised person. I need tidiness when I am drawing and painting but always seem to have to clear away a colloction of other things before I start. You have your workplace really well planned. Lovely sketch.

  2. This looks like a nice setup! So much neater than any space in my house, LOL. I love the flowers!

  3. Mine looks like that when I tidy up after. . Disaster in working. . Is yours always that neat as you work wow!

    Nice demo colored sketching Elisa .

  4. Beautiful, beautiful Elisa. I love each element and its placement and loving rendering.

  5. Love seeing where you create your awesome art Elisa! It's so neat. My area looks like a cyclone hit it. Always. Wonder I find anything.
    Your painting of all this is simply delightful.

  6. Elisa it looks like you have a good setup for your work area. Fun to see a sketch of your materials and how you have them arranged!

  7. Thanks so much all! It isn;t always tidy though ;)

  8. I like your art table, Elisa! You have there all you need, you just sit down and begin the work. Great!


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