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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Animals, Seal dog, Ann Hyde

I know some of you will have seen this picture elsewhere online today, but I wanted to share here...hope that's okay.

This was so funny when it happened, I not only photographed William (thelurcher) but also sketched it.  He had been out for a walk and got a little damp...we dried him off with one of his dad's old was only when he was wrapped up that he looked just like a seal....well, we thought so.

and the photo


  1. Oh so cute dog wrapped with the towel! Can definitly remind of a seal. you have got the face expression so good in your sketch, Ann.

  2. Thanks Sirkka, Lisa, Penny and Carol Ann :-)

  3. LOL He does look like a seal. This is so cute!

  4. Poor William, he looks so cute. You have done a great job on the sketch Ann. As always you have certainly captured his personality.

  5. Awe I love anything William....he does look like a little cute!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. We cannot get enough of "Sir William" (my name for him) and he makes a brilliant seal, as does your painting of him, Ann. We know he is quite famous and we are honored that he comes HERE too on occasion to grace us with his presence. Thanks!


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