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Friday, May 2, 2014

Animals, Rhino and Friend, Jez Eden

Pitt Pen and Coloured Pencil
This started out as a serious black and white sketch of a rhino from a photograph I took in a local 'safari park' some years ago.  I drew the rhino on the right, but there's something about rhinoceroses that when you draw them they just don't look real.  So, end of the serious stuff, I traced the drawing and reversed it to create which looks even less like anything on earth!

The text is a line from the old Flanders and Swann humorous song, though my rhino had two bodgers on his bonce.  You can read the lyrics if you Google  Flanders & Swann - The Rhineroceros Song.
Then this happened:

I happened to see the coloured-in sketch upside down as I walked past my desk and it looked much better than the right way up.  I love it.


  1. Your art is quirky and whimsical and such fun. happy PPF to you.

  2. Jez, your rhinoceros are so lovely - both upside and down.

  3. Love the story of how the upside down rhino came to be. So cool when things seem to just happen for us like this. You're creative imagination is at work in this. This made me smile. (Lynn invited me over to take a peek from Sketchbook Skool.
    Cheers- Darlene

  4. What a great way of looking at art this.

  5. You did an interesting sketch of the rhino, and it morphed into a great piece. Nice!!

  6. It looks like one of those optical illusion photos. So well done!


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