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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Animals "Hello Panda" by Elisa Choi

Ahhh.. panda. Need I say more? I bet he is your favorite too. Hehe :) I did a step by step at my blog if you wish to see. Take care!


  1. yep you guessed it Elisa, I do love pandas too! Your panda is so sweet. I love how you've done the different colors of fur.

  2. You did such a great job on him with your watercolors, Elisa. They are the sweetest looking creatures!!!

  3. Great Panda sketch, I like the loose painting, it makes him look warm and cuddly. They are not my favourite creatures, but many years ago when we had a business our mascot was a panda and his picture always appeared at the top of all our stationery. We've certainly covered a variety of animals with this theme.

  4. Oh so good and cute....I love panda's.

  5. So furry and precious. I will check out your step by step! Thanks for the heads up for that Elisa!


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