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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Animals, Galapagos Tortoise by Melisa McCurley

From a photo I took on a trip to the zoo. This thin notebook paper practically disintegrates under watercolor but it works ok with the Pocket Pentel Brush Pen. A tiny bit of collage added, just because. Last night's migraine is coming back so I'll be back later to leave comments.


  1. Melisa this is so cute. He made it sign is cute. .

  2. Melisa, I like the strong ink lines on the page for the tortoise shape! Great sketch.

  3. Your drawing shows a lot of confident brush strokes. Or pen marks. And the watercolor adds just the right amount of texture. Nice!

  4. Great line work. Very strong. Hope your head is better soon

  5. Love the paper you chose to start your turtle off on his race.
    Sorry about the migraine. hope it passes quickly.
    Love the touch of color on your drawing.

  6. This is a lovely sketch of the turtle. It makes me to think on many tutle- tools in seventies and eightes. Great work!

  7. Beautiful drawing, I love the way the thickness of your line varies, and slow he may be but he does look as though he is moving forward. The strokes of colour work really well. The extra little collage touch is fun.
    Migraines are a pain, in more ways than one, and arrive just when we could do without them. I hope it went quickly and stays away.

  8. Love this guy's expression, and your use of the brush pen. It's very engaging!

  9. What a great sketch. I like that you have done the background and then the ink on so well.


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