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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Animals, Duck, Jez Eden

Yesterday I re-drew Darren the Duck at about 3 times the size and painted him with watercolours, because I felt he would make a nice cartoon greetings card for one of the family.

And as an example of what can happen when a sketch goes completely wrong, how about this one below:

I was looking for a particular sketch on my I-pad and came across this, a starting point as a preliminary 'ideas' sketch for a serious painting of a Minotaur, the people-eating monster in ancient Crete with a man's body and a bull's head.

I was drawing the bull's head from memory, and when I looked at it I realised it looked like a friendly sheep instead.  How bad can it get!  In the end with a bit of referencing I managed a fairly scary Minotaur for my purpose.


  1. Aww, I LOVE Darren the Duck, how cute is this :-) You do better with your ipad drawings than me. Your Minotaur is way better than I could ever get.

  2. oh I feel not as bad my explanation for my horse. Like not such a word perfection is be told. Meaning one would never be satisfied being a Perfection . They never become hapy,happy. As ten everything they do they look for the word P..

    I do like your colorful duck but you did manage to re due another thought for your Sheep. You came up with a scary Minotaur . So the thoughts can
    flow for you. Good job! It was fun right.

  3. Your duck card is sheer delight Jez, and I am sure the person who received it felt the same!
    And there is nothing wrong that I can see with creating a friendly sheep out of an imagination run amuck. LOL

  4. The duck is so cute!!! It would make a wonderful card. I definitely like the sketch of the Minotaur and he does not look like a friendly sheep. lol

  5. Darren the duck would definitely make a great card.

  6. Thanks everyone, it's always good to read reactions to a piece.

  7. I love your Darren the Duck with its clear colors. Minotaur is not bad either what I can see!

  8. Such a cute little duck. Show us the minotaur when you finish it


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