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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Animals, The Elephant by Joan Tavolott

I wanted to sketch something a bit different today, so I searched the WetCanvas Reference Library and found this crop of an elephant. I just love all the wrinkles...he makes my face look smooth. LOL
This photo was taken by "maltman."


  1. Really big animal. Joan, You have captured the elephant good in this detail. Nicely done, I can see how the skin is wrinkled and thick.

  2. Wonderful lines those wrinkles. I can FEEL the texture of his skin! Beautifully drawn and painted Joan.

  3. Wonderful! Did you use colored pencil for the wrinkles?

  4. Thank you everyone. This was fun to do.

    Melisa, I used a sepia ink pen for most of the wrinkles.

  5. oh Joan this is so good your Elephant . Your details are splendid those wrinkles. Background and sides I love. The greenery of leaves.

    oh my everyone seems towards the end they have every creature, reptile plus more animals possible. I think this is a real great theme and love from sketches, pens, paint. Thumbs up!. Shows such determination and colors of all. .


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