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Friday, May 2, 2014

Animals by Lisa Richards

I drew this simple little robin yesterday after watching robins and sparrows bathing in a mud puddle outside my granddaugthers' house. It's part of an illustrated calendar I'm making this month.

A one inch square box to fill in for each day of the month, plus lots of extra boxes begging to be filled with tiny drawings. I got the idea from the Alarm Cat blog.

Lynn, I absolutely LOVE the Paint My Photo website! So many beautiful photos we can use without worrying about copyright! Thanks for the link!


  1. Great idea to fill the calendar with little sketches. Cute robin!

  2. It is a great idea to do a calender and then sketch something every day!

  3. Great idea, and won't it look wonderful at the end of the month. And you manage to fit the weather of the day into one square inch as well as the little robin. Lovely.

  4. Love this calendar - what a great way of drawing your way through a month :-)

  5. Lisa, this is a fun idea! Love your little bird in the calendar grid. Just be sure (everyone) to read the RULES of how to use the photos in the site in our side bar! Thanks.

  6. I love illustrated calenders. I used to do one in my art journal for each month. You are off to a great start with this sunny robin scene!

  7. Love the idea! But how to choose which idea to put in each day? What a dilemma!


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