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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Animals, Bluebird by Melisa McCurley

My dog has been asleep with her face to the wall for the past 2 hours so I guess she doesn't want to be sketched. I'll start with a bluebird in honor of spring. I love bluebirds but don't see them here very often. Blue Jays are everywhere but bluebirds are a rare treat. Colored pencil on a scrap piece of black charcoal paper (hence the chunk missing from the corner).


  1. Melisa, lovely job on this!!! I love the shading on the feathers. Wow!

  2. This is a beautiful piece Melissa.

  3. Beautiful Melissa you did. We have lots of blue jays. Noisy guys. Bluebirds we don't have maybe once year I am lucky to see two.

  4. Beautiful work in colored pencils! Love it on the black background too. Wow! Bravo! Wow!

  5. Awesome work. It's a beautiful blue bird. We too gets lots of blue jays who are very territorial. It's beautiful.

  6. Beautiful painting of the blue bird, and you have really captured the texture of the feathers, and the colouring is lovely. I don't know how large or small the blue jay is, but here in UK we have a bird that looks similar, just a tiny bird. They often flit around from bush to tree to bush in the gardens around our apartment in little groups of about six to a dozen.


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