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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vacations and Holidays, People At the Beach, Penny Lee StewArt

Vacations At the Beach (Imagined)
Preliminary sketches in my 4x6 notebook. . . 
.. . eventually turn into colorful acrylics painted on wooden 2x3 inch Artomat blocks. I am making 100 of these right now, no two alike. Last year I made 300 of them. I do two kinds, Painted Posies and Painted People.
The vacations theme gave me a whole new set of ideas for my little people.  I guess these would also work for the next topic . . . 


  1. These are very good Penny. I like that you use wood. Wood seems to enhance a painting.

  2. I like these tiny ones, even smaller than ATCs. This is a fun subject for these. Do you sell them? I love the one of the couple in their bathing suits, but the others have a nice feel to them too.

  3. Lovely paintings Penny! Do you sell them, I ask too, because of you do so many exemplars?

  4. When you have the 100 of them all together they must look fantastic. The colours are so beautidylly bright and beach-like. I particularly like the lovers on the beach, and the initial sketches are so good. And all that in 2 x 3 inches.

  5. Sorry, 'beautifully'. My Pad locks up if I try to go back and alter a typo.

  6. cool sketches and painting penny! 100 seems a big number. enjoy!

  7. I do sell them, sort of. sells art out of old refurbished cigarette machines. I am one of the 400 artists they "employ" to make the art blocks that are sold in the machines. They have over 100 machines in the US and Australia. Mine sell mostly in Las Vegas. I actually make about $2 for each one after expenses. But I enjoy the process, so it is a nice little income for me. I have put some of them up on my flikr page. - It is a lot of work, but I have lots of time to do it, being retired.

  8. I love all these couples young and old. Each has a personality that sings off the page.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Now I am on to painting pet portraits. All kinds. Maybe people and pets?


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