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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Vacations and Holidays, "All Packed" by Penny StewArt

Will it close?  Need another brush or two???
Thanks for the topic.  I think I will paint more suitcases for Vacations.
6x6 Watercolor and Pen on 140# Hot Press Paper
Reference photo from


  1. More suitcases or less things?! This is a beautiful suitcase, Penny.

  2. Ooh, there are so many beautiful things in this suitcase!

  3. What fun, packed and ready to go! Lots of art supplies in there I bet! Bon Voyage!

  4. I love the charm of the vintage suitcase and all the wonderful treasures inside. Great job, Penny!

  5. What an original approach to the theme, I like it, and your sketch is so bright and full of interest and colour. What a tidy suitcase packer you are, no wonder you can get so much in. Does it take you a long time?

    1. What? Long time to paint or pack? LOL. It all depends. The photo was even more detailed, but I got tired of drawing and left a lot of stuff out of the final painting.


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