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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Vacation/Holidays, Rocks and Waves by Penny StewArt

Vacations/Holidays, Seascape:  Rocks and Waves
Acrylic 4x6 on 140# Watercolor Paper
I only used 3 primary colors and white to paint this one for a weekly challenge at Daily Paint Works.  I like to paint pictures of the beach and the ocean, but I really am not that fond of going there.  I lived by the pier in San Clemente, CA a long time ago, and you could hear the ocean all night long, like one of those tapes you play to go to sleep.  It kept me awake, actually.


  1. A beautiful painting to have done with only three colors! I agree with you about the sound of the ocean. It's roar is sometimes too powerful and the silence when we leave the beach or close the car door is very welcome.

  2. A lovely painting, and it looks so colourful to have produced with just the three primaries and white, and all done within postcard size. Very impressive. My ideal holiday, being right up close to the sea, but I can see your point about the continuous sound of the waves and the way it could become very annoying.

  3. Wow, another great water scene. You have mastered rocks and waves! Very beautifully done! Love the beach and ocean.

  4. Penny, you really can paint the water:) Beautiful!

  5. This is fantastic Penny - love this painting :-)

  6. Lovely job on this waterscape!!! I am a beach lover so looking at the water, waves, and rocks is just what I like. I once stayed at The Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach, CA. The motel had small cabins built way out on the pier over the water. We could hear the waves all was wonderful!

  7. How great that you lived next to the beach. Awesome painting.

  8. So Nice! Love the subtle color variations in the water.


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