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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Time Away From Home, Dingle Sheep by Joan Tavolott

When I was in Ireland last year, we visited Dingle and the Dingle Peninsula. Every morning I would take a walk and pass fields where sheep were grazing. It looked so peaceful, and each sheep had its own unique look...just like this one!


  1. Really good sketch. I like the emotion captured in its eyes. Thank you for sharing. :)

  2. Thanks, Alexandra. I just loved their faces!!

  3. Love all that wooly wool, knit sweaters waiting to happen! Beautfully done Joan. Nice you had that experience in Ireland. One country I have not been to myself.

  4. Love this painting Joan. Glad you had such a good holiday in Ireland.

  5. Lynn - Thanks. Ireland was fun except for the driving! LOL

    Ann - Thanks so much.

  6. Great painting of the sheep, Joan, with his long shaggy hair and even the tag in his ear. They are such obliging creatures when they decide to sit down, and stay quite still for a long time. Have you ever seen 'Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook'? It's wonderful, full of pen sketches of the sheep that grazed in the field outside his studio.


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