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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Away From Home, More Buffalo Round Up, Lynn Cohen

Killing two birds with one stone again. In Sketchbook Skool with teacher Koosje from Amsterdam, we are learning to use colored pencils. I did a fruit bowl with colored pencils yesterday (see on my Facebook page or next week on my blog). This top picture is just colored pencils (Prismacolor Premier water soluble)  I took a Copic Sketch 0 colorless blender and started to "lighten" the yellow under the first buffalo in the top left background, however it did not lighten it, it darkened the color.

Then down below I used the blender to blend (not lighten) the colored pencil on most of the drawing.
I hope this looks like the running and walking buffalo in the herd I saw that day in South  Dakota. Or at least you get an idea of this small group of the full 1000 cows we saw that day. There are some babies on the far right lower side as well.

Two more days drawing "Away From Home, Vacations/Holidays" and then we are off with Elisa Choi to Drawing "Human Beings And  How They Spend Their Time" and/or "Art Supplies". A blending of two themes or one or the other. Have fun with it. Again it's okay to think outside the box, as long as you stick to the theme! Thanks!


  1. Your use of coloured pencils is very good Lynn. I like the blending idea too.

  2. Nice sketch. It looks very western, like native American drawings.

  3. Great sketches of the buffalo! I never really got into colored pencils, but you seem to be doing well with them. Fun to see what you are doing at school. lol

  4. beautifully done!!!!!!!

  5. Used colored pencils for awhile, but I found they took to long. Love watercolors immediate. Color me impatient. Lol fun seeing the buffaloes...Like how you darkened them in the second sketch.

  6. thank you to everyone for your thoughtful comments. I will keep working with the pencils and hope to get better over time.


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