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Thursday, April 17, 2014

"Results After Using Water Paints and Brushes", Humans and Their Activties, Carol Ann Henstra

Made the flowers  water paints as a card for my daughter.

Finished not aiming for identical as cover. This is inside.


  1. I used water paint paper. It took some time to do this. I dried, then I added, I blotted. Never ending the spray water.
    So I decided to just give it a lifted effect. My friends said wow looks like a 3 D effect. It has risen with the paint I suppose.

    It did not go through thank goodness. One thing with water paint . If you don't really over water the colors. And it smudges on sides or runs. It can be prepared somewhat. .
    With oil paint you are inclined to be stuck with it.

    Well I have blow dried it with my art blower . So I have to say. This is it. If I play around anymore I may completely ruin it.

    Then I will have to start again.

  2. Pretty card you made for your daughter. See how I put the theme and your name in the header above your post. Please add them there next post, thanks, ;-) You are doing great! Also see how I changed your labels. You want to put the current theme and your name there.
    Also you can add where you are from in the Location section if you like. Thanks again, Lynn

  3. Okay. I am glad you did it there. I was wondering where I should. So you just want me to put that across on top as header that is all.

    I cannot get in to see up coming themes. The purple is hard for me. I have a cataract . I cannot believe I see color as I do. I cannot click in there. Do you have an example picture in there.? I see sort of animals, real, imagined, stuffed, ect what do you mean by that?

    1. You read it correctly. It just means from May 1-May 15 we will be drawing Animals. They can be real animals, or imaginary animals that we create from our imaginations, or stuffed animals (dolls). But they have to be animals of some sort. Now our theme is PEOPLE doing some activity. Or Art Supplies as you have seen some drawing here. (Ann, Mia, Sirkka). We will be drawing People and / or art supplies until the end of April. I hope this is clear to you now.

  4. Lovely job on the card with the flowers for your daughter. They do have a 3-D look to them.


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