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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Humans and their Activities, "Dinner Time", by Lynn Cohen

It was almost dinner time when I popped into Tacos Jalisco after work this evening to pick up some dinner for my husband. While I sat at a small table I drew in a steno pad I had in my purse. All art journals inconveniently left at home. But this worked. I kind of like the lines. I used my Prismacolor Premier colored pencils when I got home. It's drawn with a Copic black ink pen 0.3.

I think this couple looks like they really like each other as they eat and look intensely into each others eyes!  You can see my art on the wall at their table too! ;-) Its the cover from my book
"One Fish Taco Half an Order of Guacamole A Year of Drawing Over Lunch at Tacos Jalisco" Blurb Books.


  1. I posted two seconds ago and ooooooohps. It is gone. Who know where. I had the mouse in my hand and I guess I clicked exit. Dumb me.

    Your drawing is real cool and look at his belt. Long pony tail as well. He is a real cool Dude. Oh I think they do like each other. Hmmm,hmmm. A fact and they sure love what they are eating.

  2. I think they are looking at each other lovingly because if one gets through with their food first, they want to be sure they can share what the other has. tee hee. Great job Lynn. Love that belt too. Yes I recognized the drawing on the wall. In fact tonight I think I will re-read your book, I love it. Have a great evening and hope your husband enjoyed his dinner.

  3. I like the lines in the paper. I was wondering if he was stuffing a napkin in his mouth then realized he had long hair and a long beard. lol No not your drawing but my eye sight. I need new glasses. lol

  4. Great character sketches!!! The lined paper gives it a new look. Love their style!

  5. I like this with the lines in the background too :-)

  6. i really like how you just sketch wherever you go. the lines go greatly with your lovely cute couple sketch.

  7. So colorful. It reminds me of some painter or illustrator's style but I can't remember the name.

  8. You've captured a lovely moment with this great sketch. It's always interesting in places like cafes to watch the relationship between couples at a table. As you say, these two look interested in each other and content to be eating their meal with the one they love. Lovely colours, and the lined paper seems to be part of the picture, it works.

  9. I really like how you've framed this one, Lynn. The way they're facing really captures the intentness of their interaction, how they're focused on each other. And the red and green really make this drawing vibrate!


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