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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Humans and their Activities, coffee time by Melisa McCurley

I did a couple of quick sketches while enjoying an overpriced bottle of water at Barnes and Nobles this afternoon. I added color after I got home.  I didn't have a waterproof pen with me when I did the sketches so the ink ran a lot. I was just glad to finally get a sketch done on theme. It's been a little hectic here!


  1. Melissa very, very good. I like these . Wow your another one who is so creative with quick sketches. Fantastic!

    Your colors are so perfect. Two different hair styles long and short. Awesome!

  2. Melisa I so love your loose style. You make drawing folks look so easy and do it so well. Yes, the blond might be a bit perturbed that you colored her hair darker, but really I am not at all bothered by a bleeding pen. There is so much GOOD about these two! So impressed!

  3. Melisa, you did a great job on the two figures!! Barnses & Noble is a great place to go and sketch people. Nice!!

  4. Melisa, so fun to see more of your art! You've done these two women so well, I can just see them sitting there!

  5. Melisa these ladies are very lovely and what a nice observation you've done here!

  6. Terrific sketches. You have the position of the blonde's feet so accurately, it's funny how many people do that, I know I always do. As Elisa says, your observation skills are so good. Hope things calm down for you in May so that we can see more of your sketches.

  7. Two great sketches, I love the accurate positioning of the blonde's feet on the base of the table, I always seem to do this in cafes. I like her handbag too. You are so good with the furniture too.


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