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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Humans Activities Carol Ann Henstra

A Place Where Friendship Grows In The Land of  Gigantic Flowers and a couple
 who walked to- gether  and  was  amazed as what they  seen .
I used water-paint and  I drew the couple with ink. Then colored in with water colors.
I slanted the picture for a different look instead of right on.


  1. They look like they are just about to dance. :)

  2. That is quite the Gigantic Land of Gigantic Flowers. Great sense of the imagination! Sweet couple, this would make a lovely Anniversary card.

  3. I like your imaginary world of flowers and the couple in it! Good job!

  4. Carol, this is beautiful! I love the huge flowers and the little people.

  5. Nice contrast of the tall flowers and the tiny people, and also the change of angle adds to the whole picture.

  6. Thank you for the encouragement all. I adore all yours. You all are leaps and bounds. I cannot see me doing like you all unless I get some new pens and ink.

    My son went to University so he is a pro artist . He has been a senior Art director the whole nine yards. Now he is 50 he says. And old man he says and laughs. . Still working but soon the young guys will have knew ideas and more boldness in the working places

    Of course a Mom who has an artist is like a person who has a son who paints a house. You never see them. And your own house never gets painted you call someone else or you do it your self.. The public get more appreciation then in the house hold.

    My daughter is more for me to be encourage.and son-law and grad-kids which is still fine. Ha-ha.

    My arts is really making albums and designing the covers and taking photographs. So this is a step up for me into adventure wit the real harder sketching. Like people drawing. Even animals.


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