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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Away From Home, "Arty Shoe" , Lynn Cohen

I'm running late for work, but I had to draw this morning. I had to draw for ME. I had to draw for Sketchbook Skool. I had to draw for Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens. But mostly I had to draw for ME.
It's an addiction.

 I bought this shoe and it's mate on a vacation up north on our way to Portland, Oregon. I found them in the window of an cute arty store in Ashland, Oregon. I had to have them. I may come back and paint this shoe later as it is very colorful. It's a work of art!

 I rarely wear them. They were more expensive than I normally pay for shoes. Much more. They aren't even all that comfortable, but they were arty and colorful and I was on vacation and I had to have them, so there!

Now you have it too.

And if I don't leave now I will be late for work.

Copic multiliner pen black ink 0.3
Prismacolor black ink Bold


  1. Lynn, I can see why you had to have these. I hope you do color them because I've got to know what colors they were!!!

    I was in Key West once and there was a booth on the street where the person was selling hand painted lace-up leather shoes. They were in all these crazy colors and designs. I loved them but didn't buy a pair because I figured I'd never wear them enough to justify buying them...but I think about them a lot. I'll have to look for the photo I took of them.

  2. Lynn, so nice shoe you drew.! I am sure you will color it too. To draw is an addiction is completly true. A lovely addiction. I hope you came in time to job!

  3. Fantastic drawing. Good for you. Sometimes we simply have to splurge on something we fall in love with.

  4. I would wear those shoes proudly! Just my style! LOL.


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