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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Art Supplies "My Supplies" by Elisa Choi

My simple tools to get a painting done. Painting art supplies and buying them is a treat! :))

Blessed Easter to all of you! God bless! :)


  1. Love seeing your art palette and the red is such a gorgeous shade.

  2. Elisa, you have everything you need. Nice!!

  3. I keep looking at my art materials and thinking 'What can I draw that is a bit different', but no inspiration yet. I have a vague idea, but definitely want to include this half of the theme in the things I do. I love your loose, direct painting - and I have a box almost exactly the same, they are so useful.

    1. you go jez.. i am sure you can come up with something even more creative! thank you!

  4. This made me smile, Elisa. It is fun to see your colors this way! Happy Easter!

  5. I am painting mine as I see yours here, Elisa. Yes, buying them is half the fun. I am an art supply junkie. Paint drying now as we speak.
    Yours so nicely done with paint brush alone! Bravo!

  6. Very vivid colors! I just love adding to my collection of art supplies!

  7. Elisa, you have all you need to paint! Nice sketch of your supplies, I love it.

  8. thanks everyone. very happy to see your art materials and how they are all very colorful!


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