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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Art supplies, flower palette by Margaret Coote

I am loving seeing everybody's art supplies. This is a palette that I use all the time, it's porcelain and a pretty flower shape (which I admit is the one and only reason I got it). I squeezed out little bits of paint from tubes into some of the wells, and the others I use for mixing.


  1. The whole painting makes a beautiful flower! Love the surrounding colors too.

  2. Beautiful I have one of those!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. It looks like a colorful flower this way! Nice!!

  4. Thanks Lynn, Giggles, Joan, and Lisa! I love how everyone has a different palette.

  5. Margaret, you use a pretty palette! Lovely colours in your sketch!

  6. You have created a flower in your palette. I love your choice of colours to squeeze in some of the wells. Nice loose sketch.

  7. I've got one of these as well Margaret. I like using porcelain instead of plastic, the paint seems to mix better in them. Great painting of yours with all the colours in.

  8. i also have one of that. i really like the softness of your painting. beautiful colors too!


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