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Monday, March 24, 2014

Parks and Gardens, by Marla Eklund

Every year I plant sunflowers with the idea of making a memorial wall of flowers in honor of all my loved ones that have passed away.  I plant tons of seeds, most of which are eaten by squirrels or dug up by my dog, Carley.  I do get some flowers and they are always amazingly stunning.  It's very cold here in Rochester this morning and I was day dreaming away about this years sunflower wall so I painted a bit in my sketch book.


  1. Pretty warm colors and sunny flowers. I hope they made you feel warmer!

  2. Pretty sounflower wall! Sunflowers are so lovely in your painting!

  3. There's nothing wrong with day dreaming about beautiful flowers Marla - love your painting.

  4. I love sunflowers and in fact have made numerous art quilts with sunflowers as their theme. They can be seen on my art quilt blog.
    These are warm and sunny and even a bit Van Gogh-ish!

  5. You and I will just have to dream for the time being. Nicely done!!!

  6. Gorgeous sunflower painting. I am sure you are looking forward to the new ones this year.

  7. I love sunflowers. In fact I just seeded some and hopefully they will come up. I like that you use them as a memorial to your loved ones gone. I do the same with marigolds. Very nice job.


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