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Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Kitchen" My Toaster Oven, Penny Lee StewArt, Newbie

My Toaster Oven:  8x10 Watercolor on Hot Press Paper 140#

This is my first time using hot press paper, and I love it.  The liner work went so well, the pen glides so smooth and easy.  Glad I decided to try it.  The actual appliance is much wider than this, but somehow this is how it came out, freehand.  I usually work much tighter and trace my outlines from the reference photo, but I am trying to be looser and freer with my artwork. I still seem to need a photo, not much good at drawing from life yet.

This is my first post to PP&P so let me know if I do anything that is against the rules.  I am in lots of facebook groups, challenges, blogs, etc, so it is easy to get them confused.  

I am retired now and have lots of time to paint.  I used to teach acrylic painting at Michael's for a couple of years, but now I just do all the challenges I can find online, and try to sell everything I paint, from ACEO's to 18x24 pet portraits and using Acrylics, Watercolor, Gouache and pen and ink.  This is my "job" now so I make a real effort to be diligent about listing and networking online.  

For 15+ years I have hosted and maintained websites for myself and others, and I still do some of that, but with my Facebook, Pinterest, Etsy, Ebay, Daily Paintworks, Twitter and blogging, I think my time is pretty much accounted for! 


  1. Welcome, Penny! Your toast oven looks great to me! I'm glad you found time in your busy schedule to join us at Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens. I look forward to more of your art posts here.

  2. I love your range of browns and grays! It gives the toaster oven a vibrancy :)

  3. Love your chunky toaster oven! Welcome to the gang! The only "rule" I see that you might want to follow would be to include the name of the theme in your title and label at the bottom. That way your artwork will show up when someone looks up that theme. You sound like a busy gal! Have fun!

  4. Welcome to the group! Your toaster oven came out really nicely. I like the colors and your ink lines.

  5. Hi Penny, nice to meet you. Your toaster oven looks great and it is a "loose" painting and looks awesome. I too need to learn this technique. Great work and enjoy posting here. I do.

  6. Nice looking toaster. Like the complimentary colors. Well done.

  7. Hi pleased you have joined us here at PPP&P. Glad you have given a loose style of drawing a go here, love your toaster. Put the toast in and we'll pop round for a cuppa to go with it, lol :-)

  8. I love your toaster oven! You have drawn it so well. Great:)

  9. Thanks Everyone! And especially Lisa, for the heads up on labels, etc. I added the word "kitchen" to my title and labels. That is an odd word! The more I look at it the more it looks misspelled. LOL. I love this group. Your illustrations are so loose and lovely.


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