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Friday, March 7, 2014

Kitchen table and window by Margaret Coote

I thought I would try sketching my little kitchen table with its plants…the one long vine that I have to gently move to the side when I eat there makes me laugh.

ballpoint pen
Moleskine notebook (NOT watercolor paper :) )


  1. Nice combo of ball point and watercolor. Drawing with ball point is fun.

  2. Very serene setting. I love it. It makes me feel mellow. Very nice job.:)

  3. Nice to see plants in the kitchen! I like this pastel look too. I once had plants all across my counter behind my sink, but they went outside and have been replaced with bowls of fruit and garlic and potatoes! I like this drawing/painting, it makes me feel invited in!

  4. Very nice, loose and lively. I need practice with my sketching so I would like to join this group. Thanks.

  5. Obviously you must have a sunny kitchen to grow those great plants on your table. Cute sketch.

  6. Love the plant that is taking over, LOL!

  7. I love the soft colors in this! I bought a couple of small moleskins and I see folks doing such nice work in them, but haven't gotten around to really using them. I must do it!

  8. Thanks everyone! Hee hee, yes, this spot does get a lot of sun, despite Rochester's bad weather reputation :)

  9. The spring is time for plants on the table(s)! Cute sketched, Margaret!


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