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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Kitchen #8-GloriaV

This is what has been on my morning menu. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. There are times when a bowl of oatmeal or cream of wheat is preferred, and made the old fashioned way.
I started on my Ipad and printed it out and then it was painted on my Ipad and didn't look right. So I took the printed piece and colored it in with Koi watercolor, Pitt pens and as you can see, that pear on my tile didn't come out looking like a pear. Sorry about that.
Have a great day and thanks for hosting Lynn.
Kitchen Smoothie #8
Kitchen #8-glv 2014 PPPP

My Haiku

It's bitter some what.
Fruits are added to sweeten
Which makes it okay.


  1. Lovely painting and lovely Haiku, Gloria!

    1. Hi Sirrka. Thought I'd pop in and see if anyone else has posted so I can say hello. Thank you. Spirolina is a little bitter but with banana, strawberries, peaches, a little of each, it sweetens up and I'm able to drink it. I also add yogurt. Have a great day.

  2. I toast you friend, smoothie to smoothie! Love your glass shape, those colorful tiles, and Yes, I do see the pear!
    How cool that it's a combo iPad and hand painted picture! I must play around with my iPad art apps some more!
    Have a lovely Sunday! And thank you for all your thank yous! ;-)))

    1. A toast to you too, amiga. You inspired me to start drinking my smoothies and I am, maybe not every day but I do. Thanks for the nice comment. Time to go because I'm straightening out my chest of drawers and getting rid of things I don't need. Oh your welcome, no problem. tee hee. Take care.

  3. The colorful tiles make a great backdrop for the smoothie!

  4. I love the colors in this!!! Nice shading on the tiles and the cup!

  5. Gloria your green smoothie makes me crave for one.. and what a creative way to put it against colorful tiles! Great job!


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