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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kitchen #5-GloriaV

So here is the kitchen sink facing west that holds my cup of leftover coffee.
I didn't feel like washing it.:) The sink area overlooks the backyard walkway to all the gardens.
The area we live in is not so hot, but we have a home that's paid off, 1/2 an acre and a lot of work in the gardens that make us very happy, so we stay here.
My husband re-did the whole kitchen with new cabinets, sink, counter top, flooring, sheet rock and tiles about 15 or so years ago. Of course my rendition does it no justice as the tiles have fruits on them and I left them out, and my husband does a wonderful job of everything he does.

I forgot to say that this is done with watercolor paints on paper. Pens were also used. I painted it on my Ipad first, but it wasn't coming out so I switched to cardstock, I think  that's what it's called and paints.
Color is something I need in my life as it brings me happiness when a room is bright with color.

Kitchen #5
Kitchen#5-glv 2014
Of course I have to throw in my Haiku as always. That makes me happy too.
Ah color and life.
It really is just one thing
Love and happiness.


  1. Gloria, is that a clock or a plate over the window with its whimsical expression? Love your style and bright colors. Keep 'em coming! I can't wait till we are doing "Garden's and Parks" and hopefully we'll get to see those back gardens of yours!

  2. Hi Lynn. Stir frying some spinach and thought I'd stop by. That is a clock that belonged to my son Val many years ago. It always reminds me of him when I look at it. It too was in his kitchen. I look forward to gardens, that besides painting is my joie de vivre. Thank you for your comment. Now back to cooking.:) tee hee.

  3. A home that's paid off, 1/2 an acre and gardens to work in! Sounds like paradise for two companions who enjoy each other's company! I too love cheerful colors and your kitchen looks like a delightful place. I'll have to try my hand at some haiku. Haven't written one in years! :)

  4. Hi Lisa. Thank you for your nice comment. Haiku's can be very soulful. I love doing them. Yes we do enjoy each other's company. 32 years of friendship and the usual ups and downs, but love always wins over, as does gardening.:)

  5. Gloria, I love your colorful kitchen and your story of your life. It sounds great. And I am glad that I can follow you be your friend here in PPPP.

    1. Hi Sirkka, thanks for your very nice comment. Totally appreciated. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Love your haiku, Gloria. And your colors! It's clear how happy they make you :)

    1. Hi Margaret. Sometimes I sit in the kitchen on the bar stool and look outside at the blues of the sky and the greens of the plants too. It's always fun being colorful.:) Thanks.

  7. I love the colorful tiles! I could not live in one of those "greige" homes that look so cool and sophisticated. I admire them, but I couldn't live in them.


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