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Sunday, March 9, 2014

"Kitchen" Apples Snack by Elisa Choi

I just got back from vacation. Surprisingly, I see posts of fruits from some of you and it so happened that I painted some today too! Apples are our usual snack at home. We usually peel them first before eating.


  1. These are so well done Elisa. I like the layout of the design across the page, each apple and it's shadow . I see only a light pen mark circle, but it's mostly just paint. Beautiful.
    I put cut up apple in my smoothies skin and all. They are organic, no pesticides!

    1. Yes Lynn I draw a light circle just for the guide. Thank you! And yeah I saw your post last time about your blended smoothies.. how healthy and organic! Ours we are not sure if they are organic so we went on the safe side. :)

  2. Your apples are delicate, so juicy colors:)

  3. Luscious apples. I loce your loose style, and trying to develop a looser style myself, I learn fron looking at your beautifully composed painting.

  4. Should read 'love' of course, not 'loce'!

  5. Elisa, this makes my mouth water! Beautiful, juicy color!

  6. Wow, what a great job. Love the watercolor!

  7. Thank you so much for all the warm comments everyone!

  8. These are lovely! I love your juicy colors! Hope you had a fun vacation.


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