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Monday, March 3, 2014

"Kitchen" Groceries Linda Kunsman

   Hi everyone. Thanks so much Lynn for creating this group! My drawing skills are very lacking so I am pushing myself to improve by taking two online drawing classes.( If you are curious about the classes I have the links on my blog). I have been so inspired by the fabulous illustrations at Paint Party Friday link ups each week and now here too. You guys are amazing and I can see I'll be learning a lot by your examples and by practicing my own drawing!
  This drawing is from a class lesson. I hope to draw something more for this theme soon.


  1. Welcome Linda! Happy to see your "Grocery list" here! Perfect for our "kitchen" theme! I'm sure what you are learning in your on line classes will be great food for fodder for the rest of us! Thanks for joining Paper, Paint, Pencils & Pens. I look forward to your next posts! Your food drawing is delightfully done!!

  2. Hi, such a list in your hand it is a pleasure to go to shop!

  3. I like your list and nice job on your sketch of your groceries. Colors are great.

  4. Wonderful and gorgeous...beautiful art !

  5. Welcome, Linda! I like how you illustrated the item son the list. Nice job!


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