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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Watercolour in A4 Sketchbook - Jez
Another page from my Garden Sketchbook from a few years ago in our previous home.  The garden was very old and unkept, and there were hundreds of tiny seedling trees everywhere.  Sad as it was we had to uproot them or they would have turned the garden into a forest.

The poem at the top left of the page is one of my favourites -"Home Thoughts From Abroad" by Robert Browning.  "Oh to be in England, now that April's here ……".   Having been brought up in the countryside it sums up my love for England, especially in the spring.

Thank you for allowing me some past sketches - we're off to two hospitals today, but for Dev not me.  My check-up went fine, just yet another blood test and CT scan to be sure.  Thank you for your good wishes.


  1. I love the sketch of the seedlings with the roots attached. Glad your check-up went well!

  2. I love the composition and gentle feel of this nostalgic page. I am glad your tests were positive. Sending best wishes.

  3. Jez, so glad your news is good news, and do hope this continues after the CT scan as well.and further blood work. I hope Dev is well too. The sketchbook is a lovely reminder of past gardens and times. Thanks for sharing this poem as well.

  4. It's lovely to see into your sketchbook Jez. All the best with your blood test etc. and also for Dev :-)

  5. Glad you news was good and continues to be so. I too love the little roots you sketched on your seedlings.

  6. I love your watercolor sketchbook page! Beautiful work! Happy PPF!

  7. Thank you all for your much appreciated comments.


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