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Friday, March 28, 2014

Gardens & Parks, The Garden Center by Joan Tavolott

Today was a cloudy day with drizzle so I sat in my car by a garden center (Cheap Sam's Plant Bargains) to sketch this morning. I could see the buildings, some plants, lots of bags of soil and mulch (I guess), and what I think is a delivery truck. I was going to go into one of the greenhouses to sketch a second piece, but it started to rain so I left. And don't be fooled by the sign...Cheap Sam's is not all that cheap. lol


  1. You give the place charm with your charming art style! Love all the details!

  2. Love it! Am wondering what he is selling right now if its still nasty back there. :)

  3. Thanks everyone!

    Cris, they have about 6 greenhouses, so I am sure they have all kinds of flowers for when the temps change here, which I'm sure will happen quickly...freezing one day and hot the next.LOL I know a friend of mine was saying that her hellibores (??) or lenten roses have just started coming up and they usually start in February here. Our plants are rather confused.

  4. Joan, you sketched the shop so realistic and beautiful. They are looking just like that now in the spring. Great work on it!

  5. Thanks, Sirkka. We have a lot of garden centers and flower farms locally, so it is fun to go seek them out.


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