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Monday, March 24, 2014

Gardens & Parks, Heaven Scent, GloriaV

Hope it's okay to post this cartoon style photo of my Jasmine. I'm working on a Van Gogh project right now and didn't want to miss out. I didn't have anything prepared so I hope I'm not cheating?
Heaven Scent
This is a digital enhanced cartoon style of our front yard entrance to the front door. It's a Jasmine plant that we let grow and trimmed to allow entrance. If it's the right time of year, as you walk under it, the scent just grabs you. The roses to the left have there own exotic scent as well so you are in heaven scent in that very moment.
This needs trimming right now. As you can see, our outside tree lights are still up and will stay up probably till they don't work. Tee hee. There is a yucca tree to the right of the arch.
Have a wonderful day and now on to the kitchen to cook some asparagus.


  1. I looks like the entrance to the secret garden. I love the smell of jasmine.

  2. That's one unusual entrance!! Must smell wonderful!

  3. Magical entrance way, I can almost smell the jasmine. I've no idea what a "Cartoon/digital photo" is, but it's fine that you posted it to show us your garden, Gloria. Just so we don't get too far away from our actual focus here of drawing and painting art!

    1. That is very true Lynn. I have to get back to paints because I am having a hard time with the canvas I'm working on, because of iPad and 53. I've gotten lazy because I don't have to rinse brushes or mix colors. Tee hee.

    2. Oh Gloria, I have completely sure you can do both!

  4. It looks very exotic for me, that you have a yucka palm in the garden too! I love the smells of jasmine and roses, naturally. Your entrance is wonderful.

  5. Seeing things in an artistic way...that's what you have created here Gloria. Looking forward to seeing your Van Gogh style :-)

  6. Thank you all for your comments. It's very inspiring.


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