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Friday, March 21, 2014

Gardens and Parks, "A Shady Spot to Sit" by Penny StewArt

This is a very dark corner of my yard, but the sun peeks thru and scatters dappled patterns on the redwood furniture and the rocks.
I had a bit of trouble getting it to look right in the sketch.  It is an ACEO card, only 2.5 x 3.5 inches, watercolor and pen on 140# paper.  I like to make these tiny pieces of art because I trade and sell them.  This is #665, so I have made quite a few!  I sell them on Ebay and Etsy and Daily Paintworks.  This blog inspires me to paint things I would otherwise not have attempted.  I always need inspiration.


  1. Your painting looks so warm and inviting, and it must be a lovely place to sit in the sun and relax.
    I am always amazed at how much detail you get into such a small space. You are a skilled miniature painter.

    1. Thanks, Jez! I do paint larger at times, but these are just fun to do!

  2. A beautiful spot! I find small to be quite a challenge- well done!

  3. Love your shady spot and the colors you used! ACEOs are such fun.

  4. What a great shady spot. You did great with this piece Penny. It's very inviting and it seems like a secret hideaway. Nice job.

  5. I love your thick black lines! Is this a bold pen or marker? And to get so much in this small area amazed me!

  6. Great sitting group in the shadow. Nice work!

  7. Lynn, the thick black lines were made with a 1.0 Ohto Graphic Liner. I started out with a .005 and I kept going darker and bolder because I wanted the sunlight to pop. "dark against light" different values is what makes or breaks a painting, according to most art books. I was pleased with the final result, but hated it at first.

  8. you did a great job with all the sketch, specially the dark zones!

  9. Tricky angles bravo for not backing down from the challenge


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