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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Our Angel Sitting Area, Gardens and Parks,GloriaV

This is one garden area in our backyard outside the back door. In front of this area is my studio, the garage . I'm looking south. We built a trellis a few years back, it's painted white and there are David Austin beautifully scented roses growing on it. None right now, but soon. Around the perimeter of this area are lots of rose bushes, various types and color. There is an angel statue in the middle, I couldn't draw it and also had a difficult time with the lay of the land.
My family pet member Chocolatte and I sit there where the two chairs and table are at, also we have breakfast out there when everything is in bloom.  Our yard is a football field size so it goes way back and we have lot of different gardens.  My favorite is my cactus garden, way out back. Well you know how I did this-took my Ipad outside, sat and doodled while Chocolatte snacked on one of her snacks.
Tomorrow it's time for me to put my herbs in larger containers. Looking forward to that. Sorry if  this drawing is a little dilapidated, but until I learn the lay of the land, your stuck with my nonsense. tee hee.
Our Angel Sitting Area
Our Angel Sitting Area-PPPP, glv 2014


  1. Another great ipad work Gloria. I really must try to get to grips with a drawing app on mine.

  2. Thanks for giving us a tour of your backyard! How great that you have so much room back there that you can have several gardens.

  3. How fun! Can't wait to see your cactus garden!!! Sweet angel. I like imagining you and pup sitting out there enjoying the sun.

  4. It's lovely to see your garden Gloria and how big it is! I am enjoying seeing the different species of plants and your studio. Your dog's name is delicious! Lol. ;)

  5. Thank you Gloria for showing your gorgeos garden! I would be nice to see it with all the flowers and plants you have there.

  6. Thank you all . When all the flowers are blooming it will be my getaway. Thanks again for your kind comments.

  7. Is this an iPad painting, Gloria? I think it's a terrific job if it is. You are too dismissive of your painting, it has the look of the 'naive' school of painting, and its own charm (I hope you don't think that is a criticism, it is a compliment on your skill with this 'naive' approach, which is celebrated in art). Not nonsense at all - and I like it!


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