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Friday, February 14, 2014

"Close to Home" in front of my house by Margaret Coote

Hi everyone! Great to see you here. This is from a little while ago - right now there is SNOW - but I wanted to jump right in and contribute. So: 

Close to Home:

And something from inside, a hardy plant that just got properly planted in soil a week ago!


  1. Wonderful Drawings, Margret! Fun to see the weather changes around the world, you in deep snow and Vivi in summer sun!

    1. Yes, I wish I could draw how beautiful the snow is here. Joan has done a good job :)

  2. An old tree and a young plant just getting started; a very nice pair!

  3. Margaret, it is great to see something from inside and outside your home. Nice!!

  4. Why do they always have to stick signs on those nice street lamps? City workers should be ashamed!! :-) (yes, I am being sarcastic.. a little) :-) Beautiful sketches Margaret. That old tree looks like it wants to dance!

  5. Thanks everyone so much! It's so nice to be here with you all.


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